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Insulin Resistance Recipe: Green Tomatillo Salsa Recipe


Sometimes I wish I was born into a family that made Latin cuisine all the time because I just love the food. A more recent discovery that my palate enjoys is the tomatillo. It’s a green little fruit that is a variation of gooseberry also known as the Mexican green tomato.   It technically is in the tomato “nightshade” family.  They are tart with a hint of sweet, I just love them!!!   I like to use them as a source of carbohydrate in my diet because this type of fruit is low glycemic and won’t aggravate my insulin resistance.

Enjoy this quick and easy green salsa recipe.  I love it on eggs and fajitas!  If you go back and read my posts on blood sugar, you’ll find my strategy for eating that repaired my severe insulin resistance.  When the insulin levels are erratic (spiking and crashing), this is very hard on the adrenals and can lead to “adrenal fatigue”.   Adrenal fatigue was the #1 reason for my severe hypoglycemia problem and panic / anxiety attacks.

Got anxiety? Heal the adrenals!!!



4 tomatillos

2 scallions

½ jalapeno

¼ c. cilantro

1/8 wedge of lime

1/8 tsp of cumin

¼  wedge of lemon



Chop tomatillos into eighths (big chunks) and place in food processor.  Finely chop scallions, jalapeno, and cilantro; add to the tomatillos.  Squeeze in juices of lemon and lime.  Sprinkle in the cumin and add a pinch of salt.  Pulse the food processor four or five times, just enough to mix well and break up the tomatillos a bit more – making them juicy but still chunky.  If you like a “smooth” salsa, blend until you reach the consistency you prefer.

*Add more or less jalapeno depending on your heat index tolerance! If you remove the ribs and seeds from the jalapeno, it will be less “hot”.

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